Drainage research institute consists of three main research departments:


1. Drainage Technology

Investigates and develops cost-effective methods for agricultural drainage through the use of covered drains so as to increase agricultural productivity in Egypt.

2. Drainage information Systems

Determines the water and salinity balance at the regional and main drains levels. It ‎also predicts the quantity and quality of drainage water resulting from the use of a ‎particular water management method and its effect on soils and crops in the short ‎and long runs. The department achieves this through the development and use of ‎mathematical models, geographical information systems, and decision support ‎systems which help in determining the best and safest use of agricultural drainage ‎water.‎

3. Drainage Water reuse

Determines the most appropriate criteria and methods for re-using drainage water in irrigation, and studies its positive and negative impacts on the environment.